Vita english

Vita english

I was born on June 25th, 1963 in Düsseldorf .
I am qualified to the higher education entrance qualification standard.
My profession is clark in a publishing house. My hobbies are painting and fitness.

Already at school I was attracted to the tools of painters: the paintbrushes, the colours, the smell of a preserved canvas.
All these have had a fascination for me, a secret which drew me.

Portraits, nude drawings with coal as well as landscapes in watercolour were my first works.
Im 2002 I changed my style. I discovered Miro´s colour world and Picasso´s abstractness.
From now on these both painters decisively influenced my style.

I experiment by forms and colours, copy my thoughts and feelings in the abstract, create my imagination of person and world
and write them down in happy submersion with pastel chalk and acrylic.

My pictures are colourful. Warm colours, figures and forms, grasp movements and rhythms.
The experimentation determines the creative act, artistic fascination.

The present exhibits were very successful. That gives me the necessary courage to present my painted thoughts
furthermore to the general public.

If you are interested in my pictures I am looking forward to your inquirery.
All pictures are handsigned originals.

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